Freshly makes simple websites for farmers markets. And for our starter page, it's just a big old zero. No cost. Free.

Freshly websites give your farmers market a professional website that is available to everyone. Share your hours, location, farmers, activities, even photos and videos. Available to everyone, everywhere. Are you ready to get online?

Available everywhere your customers are. However your customers are looking for you, you're covered.

Share your market
Changing locations, times or closing for the season made totally easy.

Grow your community
Upgrade to share photos and videos from your market to the community.

Basic site always free
Even the smallest market can get online with our free location and hours template.

Upgrade for more features
Pay for the features you need, on a per season basis, pause for the off-season.

Get your market online today, in one super-easy step. Email us and we’ll get you started.

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